Bare Bones Music Festival 2019

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Now here’s some good late Summer news from nearby – a 36 acre farm property in Dandridge is going to hold a 2-day music festival on Labor Day weekend called the “Bare Bones Music Festival 2019” which will be benefitting, either fully or partially, the Jungle Habitat for exotic animals.

From their official website:

“Located just down the road from Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and the beautiful Smokie Mountains of Tennessee! This event is held on a 36 acre farm in Dandridge, Tennessee and is destined to become East Tennessee’s premier musical venue. If your planning to be in the area, come and enjoy the music and fun!

The Bare Bones Music Festival held on a 36 acre former farm in Dandridge, Tennessee and was purchased by the owner of Jungle Habitat to provide a safe home for abandoned and distressed exotic animals. In support of their cause and in partnership with local area musicians the Bare Bones Music Festival was created. The event was created as an opportunity for area musicians to perform, learn and grow. In turn some proceeds from the event are donated to Jungle Habitat to support their mission of rescuing and protecting exotic wildlife. Established in 2018 the Bare Bones Music Festival seeks to bring together musicians, musical artists, their extended family, friends and fans to listen, share, collaborate, engage and enjoy music!”

Artists expected to play at this year’s lineup includes:

* Stone Broke Saints
* Juggernaut Stomp
* Josiah and the Greater Good
* Tom’s Handgun
* Palaneum
* Brandon Fulson and Hard Wired
* Return performances by Fontana
* John O Clayton and the Ancient Mariners
* John Condrone
* Michaeal McClelland
* Jeff Lane
* Josiah Atchley
* Hendry Bombat
* Christopher Long”


The Bare Bones Music Festival is located at 2563 E Highway 25 70, Dandridge, Tennessee 37725. If you are coming to the Smoky Mountains on August 31st or September 1st for 2019, consider attending this most interesting event! See more on them at