Bush Beans Visitor Center of Chestnut Hill

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Would you believe that a major, national brand and staple of grocery stores from sea to shining sea is right here in East Tennessee? Yessir, Newport is probably most famous for being the headquarters of Bush’s Baked Beans, the bestest, bake-iest beans in all of the Americas.

Besides finding the main food processing plant in Chestnut Hill (between Sevierville and Newport), there is also the A.J. Bush & Co General Merchandise building which acts as a visitor’s center offering a theater that shows a short film, a museum within a museum in the shape of a giant can (no, really), a cafe featuring homemade desserts that aren’t always comprised of baked beans, a gift store and more. It’s definitely a unique visit for which we have nothing else like it around and if you’re a fan of the product, or just looking for something different to do, give the visitor’s center at Bush Beans Visitors Center a shot.

You can see more on their website at http://www.bushbeans.com/en_US/visitors-center.