Tusculum College

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Another group of students we often see coming to the lake hails from Tusculum College in Greeneville, TN, roughly an hour away. Greeneville is out past Newport and sits at the foothills of Bays Mountain and Bald Mountain and is historically relevant for where President Andrew Jackson got his start in politics that eventually made its way into carving out a path for our country so many years ago.

Tusculum College specializes in Athletic Training, Biology, Environmental Science, Field Guide/Naturalist Science, History and many other things for which Douglas Lake and Dandridge are often visited upon for academic needs as well as recreational by the student body. We welcome Tusculum college as well as students from all other surrounding colleges in our area, or anywhere around the world for the matter, to come and relax or study in our luxury lakefront cabins.

Often parents come to visit students and spend some time of course.  Our cabins are the perfect location for your family.  Whether you have come to enjoy a sporting event or a musical concert or just spend some time, we welcome your family to Lakefront Cabins. You can see our amenities as well as why they’d be perfect for any trip to Dandridge right here: CABINS